How fortified rice helps our Nutrition and Hygiene program

A few months in and 2015 is already an incredibly busy and exciting year for us at NDG. We’ve received tremendous support from a number of organizations, some new and some old friends. In this post, we’d like to highlight the wonderful donation of Fortified Rice we received from the Juan Bautista Gutiérrez Foundation (JBG).

2015-01-19 11.39.23

In collaboration with the Pan American Development Foundation, JBG donated 40 boxes of Fortified Rice to our Nutrition and Hygiene program in mid-January. These boxes have been parceled out to each of our schools based on need. For those unfamiliar with Fortified Rice, each packagecontains a mixture of soya, rice and added nutrients meant to provide a balanced diet in one meal. As the Nutrition and Hygiene program is our single largest expense, this donation has been a great help to our schools and is very much appreciated.

JBG representatives also paid us a visit in January to tour our schools and get to know what we are doing in Cuidad Vieja. After meeting the students at a general assembly they spoke with a few of our teachers and kitchen volunteers. We were all given a fascinating look at the Montessori-style learning we offer our youngest students called “Plantando Semillas.”

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