Why Our Básico Program is So Important

As many of you know, our first class will graduate from Nuestro Futuro in October. Our sixth graders are still our largest class, and we’re pleased to announce that all thirty-three students will be moving on to our básico program next January!


Our wonderful sixth graders!

After primary school, a básico program is the next step in the Guatemalan education system and lasts for three years. It has been shown that young adults finishing básico are more capable of escaping the poverty cycle, with income level closely related to level of education. However, the high costs associated with básico often result in many students terminating their education upon the completion of sixth grade. Currently, less than 67% of people in Cuidad Vieja are able to pursue a básico degree.

In order to contribute to a better future for our students and their community, we recently made the decision to launch a básico program of our own. This will show our students that we remain committed to their future as well as bringing us closer to our dream of creating future leaders of social change in Guatemala.

For the first year, our básico students will have their classes at Nuestro Futuro while we work on setting up and building a separate básico school. This process will include applying to the Ministry of Education, contracting staff, setting up a financial registration system, purchasing land and necessary school supplies, and finishing the construction process. Right now, we hope to have the school up and running by the beginning of 2016.

If you would like to contribute to making our básico program a reality, please donate now through our online fundraiser!


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