Supposedly a picture says 1000 words. 


Do 4 pictures say 4000 words?


The smiling faces of our children are enough evidence to confirm that they love their school. They come in every morning at 7:30am, and we struggle to get them all out at the end of the day. In Seño Berta’s words, they consider their school as a second home! 

Our schools provide encouraging environments for our children to grow and develop whilst receiving an excellent education that does not only exceed the national requirements, but also offers extra-curricular programmes, fantastic social work and psychology departments. Our schools do not only concern our children, but our local communities, working closely with the families and friends of our children.

Niños de Guatemala is still growing and developing, always trying to improve the facilities on offer and broadening the horizons for our children, the future leaders of Guatemala. There are so many ways that anybody can contribute towards Niños de Guatemala, whether it is by volunteering, organising fundraisers, sponsoring a child or a teacher, spreading word about our work or just a simple donation.

This month we have organised a big fundraiser with the aim of collecting funds to furnish and equip a new classroom at Nuestro Futuro school. We have received an incredible response and Thursday 1st May is the closing day of our online campaign, and your last chance to donate! If you have not had a chance to donate or share our fundraising page, please do so now and work with Niños de Guatemala to break the cycle of poverty through education.



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    We have reached the final days of our online campaign to collect funds to furnish our new classroom. If you have not had a chance to check out our blog with Niños de Guatemala, please do so today. Get involved now and begin supporting our work!

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