Sponsor a child’s education – Molly Powderly, Communications

Our Padrino Program offers people from all over the world to join the Niños de Guatemala family, and sponsor a child’s education at one of our two schools. The program offers the padrino (sponsor) the opportunity to build a relationship with their ahijado (sponsored child) and they communicate via letters, mail and the sharing of photos. It is a really successful program and it is loved by all involved!

Nuestro Futuro school in Ciudad Vieja only has 5 children who are yet to be connected with a “padrino”! We really want to ensure that these boys can participate in the program too, as all of our children are really motivated by the fact that somebody cares about their education and is encouraging them to stay in school.

Meet our last remaining boys, all from our kindergarten grade!

Miguel Angel is a very energetic and lively student, who loves playing soccer.


Josep Javier started off shy but is coming out of his shell as he becomes more comfortable at school. He loves to run and play with toy cars.


Selvin Antonio is already a focused and diligent student who comes from a family of farmers. He enjoys riding his bike and playing soccer.


Luis Miguel is shy and quiet; however, he likes sharing and playing with his classmates. He enjoys painting.


Manuel Alexander is rambunctious. He loves to play soccer with his many friends at school.



If you are interested in joining the program and sponsoring our children, do not hesitate to contact us!



Bring long-lasting change to a child’s life !



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