Teaching French in Guatemala – Michael Morgan, Canada, and Louise Imschoot, Belgium


Thus far, I have had an amazing experience working at Nuestro Futuro with Ninos de Guatemala. Besides being a teacher’s assistant and helping tutor children, I, alongside my friend Louise, have had the opportunity to start our own beginner French program. It has been a great way to both improve my teaching skills and improve my Spanish. Having been travelling through Central America learning Spanish, teaching my second language through a third language has been a great way to test what I have learned before I return home. The best part about it all is how much fun we have in class and how receptive the children are to what we are teaching. They are energetic, attentive and have a desire to learn, which makes for such a fun atmosphere every Friday afternoon. The amount of times I hear “bonjour”, “merci”, and other French expressions during the week makes me feel that they really do enjoy our classes and will benefit from it in the future. – Michael Morgan

Être une volontaire pour une association qui aide des enfants pauvres pour qu’ils aient une meilleure éducation est quelque chose d’extraordinaire. Par contre, donner des cours de français, ma langue maternelle, aux enfants c’est complètement différent. On se rend vraiment compte que ces enfants adorent apprendre, ne perdent aucune opportunité parce qu’ils savent que c’est important pour leurs futurs, écoutent attentivement et respectent notre travail. Il faut beaucoup de patience pour que les enfants de soit concentrés pendant une heure, mais merci à Mike pour son autorité incroyable et son humour qui rend la tâche beaucoup plus facile et amusante! Ce qui me rend le plus heureuse c’est quand je croise les enfants, dont je donne cours de français, dans la cours et qu’ils me demandent: Bonjour Seño Luisa, este viernes tenemos clase de francés? Avec un sourire jusqu’aux oreilles. – Louise Imschoot


Being a volunteer for an organisation that helps impoverished children receive a strong education is extraordinary. However, giving French lessons, in my mother tongue, to our children here is completely different. I have really come to realise how much these children love learning, never missing an opportunity because they know how important it is for their future; they listen attentively and respect our work. It takes quite a lot of patience for the children to stay focused for a whole hour, but thanks to Mike’s incredible authority and sense of humour the task becomes a lot easier and funny! What makes me the happiest is when I pass by the enthusiastic pupils and they ask me: “Bonjour Seño Luisa, este viernes tenemos clase de francés?” with a smile that spreads from ear to ear! 


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