New teachers, new pupils, new languages – Kaysey Gilbreath, English teacher

This year, Nuestro Futuro and El Porvenir made a major change to their staff – they hired full time English teachers! I am so blessed to be able to work with the children at NF each and every day. While being part of the launch of the formal English program is a little bit hectic and at times odd, I am very excited to be part of this change.

Most people who come into NF on a regular basis know all about the boy in prepa named Byron. Byron always has a huge grin on his face and more often than not is singing, even during class. On the first day of class, all of the students in prepa were practicing “My name is…” I couldn’t get Byron to say ANYTHING! he even refused to simply repeat “My…name…is…” after me.

The next time we had class, Byron was a little bit more comfortable with me. He was a little bit more OK with the concept of English class and he very slowly was able to repeat after me, word by word. PROGRESS!

In the next class, we went in a circle and everyone said their name. “My name is Jose”…”My name is Lucki”… They were getting it and I was so proud! Finally, it was Milagros’ turn and Byron was next. He was watching her intently, focusing on what she was saying. “My name is Milagros!” I turned to Byron. “What is your name?” “…is…” He was saying it without help! I was so excited! “Milagros!”

Well…that is pretty close, right?

He got everything right except for his own name! But you know what…Byron had the BIGGEST smile on his face as he said “My name is Milagros!” And I could not have been prouder of him! I think that Byron’s story is a pretty accurate representation of life for me, and the English program, right now. Everything is new and a little bit scary at times. I don’t always know what to do or say. But I am incredibly thankful for the teachers and staff of my school who have welcomed me and made NF my home. Just like I helped Byron, they help me along. And even though the English program is brand new and there are some bumps along the way, I am extremely proud and happy to be the English teacher at Nuestro Futuro!



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