Some things will never change – Maren, Volunteer

Some things will never change…

Nuestro Futuro

Our future is blue! Of course, Nuestro Futuro has been blue before, but now the school building is freshly repainted, thanks to the school staff, local inhabitants – and yes, we volunteers came to help a little bit too. It was a nice way to get to know the school where we would spend the next weeks and/or months helping Niños de Guatemala!

Still, I was quite nervous when I had my first “real” day as an English teacher’s assistant with the 6th grade. How would the children behave? Would there be a big difference between pupils here and in my home country, Germany? What would the kids think about me? Imagination and questions kept riding rodeos in my mind, but then everything went fine – because the kids were quite cool. A new volunteer? So what? We are already used to it!

Yes, I learned from the start that the kids are here to improve their future, they are eager, they have to work hard – and they don’t care  about whoever is assisting them during class; they are just happy that there is somebody who pays attention and supports them.

Are they different from other pupils? Yes, of course they are – they’re individuals, like everybody else. And still, at the same time, there are some things that will never change… One afternoon we were practising “I like…” and “I don’t like…”, quite a challenge for the kids who don’t know a lot of English vocabulary yet. But from the boys we got the answer you would expect from almost every single boy around the world. What do you like? “Soccer!!!”

By Maren Albertsen, Germany

Volunteer at Nuestro Futuro since January 13th.


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