Profit for Non-Profit — Sam, Communications Officer

These are exciting times for Niños de Guatemala.  Just this month, we opened a new social business: Cambio Spanish School.  Cambio is the only social Spanish school in Antigua, and a new way for Niños de Guatemala to raise money for its projects.  Here’s how it works:

Cambio, like any business, is driven by the “bottom-line”.  However, when the bottom line is black, those profits don’t go into the pockets of the owners, but rather they are donated directly to NDG.  It’s important to note that this is a one-way street.  Although its purpose is to support NDG, Cambio is 100% financially independent from NDG.  All of the startup capital came from outside investors, and the business’s bank accounts are unconnected to the non-profit’s.

The most important impact of this separation is that, in many ways, Cambio is on its own.  If it goes bust, it goes bust.  Because of this, Cambio has every incentive to provide high-quality, reliable services to its clients, in order to make sure they keep coming back and they recommend Cambio to others.  We think that Cambio is providing exactly that: high-quality and flexible Spanish classes, a variety of other services (booking shuttles, trips, and hostels for students, offering volunteer placements for students at Niños de Guatemala, organizing school-wide activities, etc.), and attentive customer service.

Antigua is home to a substantial tourism market that represents a great opportunity for Niños de Guatemala.  We’re excited about this new venture into a new kind of education, and think it could mean great things for the NGO.

If you’d like to help, liking Cambio on Facebook is a great way to start, since having support on Facebook lends credibility to the organization.  You can also recommend us to friends and family who will be travelling in Guatemala and are hoping to learn Spanish.

We’re looking forward to updating you on Cambio’s future successes!


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