Salsa Night at Las Palmas — James, Volunteer Coordinator

On the 29th of September, Niños de Guatemala organized a fundraising night. Our theme was salsa dancing, and our goal was to raise money to go towards the second level of our new school El Porvenir.

We wanted to beat our last fundraising result of Q6000, which would be no easy feat. We secured a bar with a dance floor that offered to give us 50 percent of all proceeds, a salsa band, a salsa teacher, tickets and prizes for a raffle, and a beer pong table for those with two left feet; all we needed was for people to come and enjoy the night! We arrived to set up the bar at 7pm, with the night to start at 9pm – but come 9pm, the turnout was worryingly unimpressive. The salsa lesson was to begin at 9:30pm, but we needed people to give it to! By 9:15, guests started trickling in, and by 9:30 the bar was quite full; all of the hard work our volunteers put into flyering had paid off! Many a raffle ticket was sold, and once the salsa band had begun, it became pretty difficult to move for the amount of people that had arrived.

At midnight, after everyone had spent all their money on drinks and raffle tickets, we announced the winners of the raffle. We had some great prizes; a trip for two on a volcano mountain bike experience, a trip up Pacaya (a nearby volcano), free pedicures for those who have climbed too many volcanoes, romantic meals for two in various restaurants around Antigua, free drink vouchers from numerous bars, and a pound of Antiguan coffee, to name a few. Once the raffle prizes were announced, the partying resumed, and slowly the crowd dispersed to leave an empty bar laden with ripped up raffle tickets from the unlucky ones, a messy beer pong table from the salsa-shy, and other remnants of a successful night had by all. In the end, we raised Q5931.  Although it was less than our previous salsa night, we were very happy with the result. The second level of the school is coming along nicely, and for the next event, we’ll make double that!

If you want to be involved with fundraising or volunteering at our schools, then please email me at Everyone can do something!


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